Our Services

Our installers are fully trained and experts in their field.

At Expert Ventilation Systems we adopt a proactive and pragmatic approach to the life cycle of a project from conception through to completion.

We can offer all of our services as a complete package or standalone services.

Our services include:
  • Estimating
  • Installation
  • Project Management
  • Maintenance
Types of Ductwork Supplied
  • DW144 Galvanized Ductwork
    Standard galvanized ductwork rectangular circular or oval shaped flanged or slip jointed
  • DW172 Fire Rated Ductwork
    Kitchen Extract Systems
    Smoke Extract Systems
    Car Park Ventilation
    Kool duct System

Manufacture and Supply

At Expert Ventilation Systems we are always in control of our supply and installation services.

Our manufacturing system delivers on time every time, to our clients programmed work schedule and to the high standards demanded by ourselves and the client


Our totally professional installation teams adhere strictly to the key programm milestones.

Project Management

From conception to completion we are experts in all the processes, allowing the client to have a seamless experience.